Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hong Kong Bibliography

Here are a few books which are essential reading for anyone interested in the history of British expatriates in Hong Kong

Hong Kong 1841 – 1862
Geoffrey R. Sayer

Hong Kong 1862 – 1919
Geoffrey R. Sayer

Europe in China
E.J. Eitel

A History of Hong Kong
G.B. Endacott

Government and People in HK 1841 – 1962

G.B. Endacott
A Biographical sketch-book of early HK
G.B. Endacott

To China and Back
Albert Smith

Second to None – the story of the HK Volunteers

Phillip Bruce
Whampoa – Ships on the shore
Austin Coates

Tramlines – the story of the HK tramway system

Martin Barnett
The Royal Navy in HK since 1841
Kathleen Harland

The Guns & Gunners of HK
Denis Rollo

Research material for HK studies
Alan Birch, Y.C. Jao & Elizabeth Sinn

The Merchants of Shameen
Robin Hutcheon

Traders of HK: Some Foreign merchant houses 1841-1899

Solomon Bard
The Administrative History of HK Government Agencies 1841-2002

Ho Pui-yin
Scandals and disasters of Hong Kong
Frena Bloomfield

The Private Life of Old HK
Susanna Hoe